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Autobiography of an Immigrant with Mohan Ananda

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Dr. Mohan Ananda founded Stamps.com, a NASDAQ registered company providing Internet-based mailing and shipping solutions using technology he developed. A successful venture capitalist, he has raised over $450 Million in public and private offerings for Stamps, Envestnets, and JAB Holdings

His book, Autobiography of an Immigrant, is a memoir about a man who left the comforts of a modern home in faraway India and did what he had to do to make a living and succeed in a new land.

Key Takeaways:

  1. You need to have sufficient capital, eventually, the revenue should be more than all these expenses, then you are in in a good shape. (7:58)
  2. One thing I which I still regret, we started growing quite rapidly. We had close to 800 employees. I think that’s a mistake because you should grow in conjunction with the revenue growth. You need to have a minimum number of employees for sure. But any kind of growth has to be in proportion to the growth in business activities.(13:30)
  3. We should learn to have people who are experts, part of your team that you have to bring. Like technology, legal, and marketing you need to hire experts. (21:35)

His book can be purchased on Amazon https://amzn.to/3vl3Acl

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