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Yeedi Black Friday sale on Amazon

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Like air fryers and slow cookers before it, the robo-vac is a time-saving appliance that’s found a special place in our hearts lately. Firstly, it’s a robot, and robots rock; secondly, it does boring housework we’re too busy (or too lazy) to do ourselves. Robo-vacs have also gotten a lot more affordable.

If you’ve been waiting for just the right time to buy one, Black Friday weekend is your chance. The first 100 Amazon orders for a Yeedi vac station on Nov. 27 will also get another $35 off the Black Friday sale price.

Among these smart — and life-changing — machines, Yeedi hit the market in 2020 and has become a popular option, thanks to its expertise in making everything from dog hair to potato chip crumbs and dust disappear. Here are some reasons to wake up early on Nov. 27 and then go back to bed.

robovac going underneath couch beside tennis ball

Credit: Yeedi

For all-around convenience, the Yeedi vac station vacuums, mops, and empties its own dustbin for up to 30 days (eventually you will need to pitch in, but it’s a small ask). It also multitasks—vacuuming and mopping at the same time, depending on the floor type, and it’s smart enough to know the difference between living room carpet and kitchen tiles. It’s fast and efficient, and if you’re quick, you’ll score an extra $35 off the Black Friday sale price on Nov. 27.

robovac at docking station

Credit: Yeedi

Instead of hiding away in the back of a closet, the Yeedi vac station keeps a low profile neatly tucked in a corner until you need it. Then, it rolls into action with invincible cleaning power of 3000Pa suction. It will do the things you never do when you vacuum, like get under a couch—without moving furniture and annoying your downstairs neighbors. For the amount you’ll use it, it pretty much pays for itself.

robovac with smartphone beside showing off technology interface

Credit: Yeedi

To move around without missing spots or awkwardly bumping around, the Yeedi has visual mapping tech and an advanced floor tracking sensor, navigating your home like robo-vac GPS. Whether you’ve got a cuddly golden retriever who sheds everywhere or a toddler who scatters crumbs everywhere, you can easily manage the Yeedi from an app to clean specific rooms, schedule cleanings, and set up virtual boundaries.

woman holding remote controlling a robovac

Credit: Yeedi

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