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Tempo Studio sale: Save up to $400

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SAVE $400: As of May 3, use code TEMPOMOMS to score up to $400 off any Tempo Studio system.

If you have a mom who’s a fitness fanatic, a Tempo Studio system is the ideal gift. With heavy weights and AI-based personal training, she’ll never have to step into a gym again. As of May 3, use promo code TEMPOMOMS to save up to $400 on any Tempo Studio package.

The Tempo Studio is a smart gym and personal trainer in one. The screen comes with 3D mapping technology that can recognize your body form during classes. With a focus on weight lifting, it helps you understand what you’re doing right and wrong, and will give you personalized recommendations on form. If you’re in an incorrect form, you’ll be notified and assisted into correcting it, so you’ll be safer during your lifts. Tracking progress is a breeze too, since Tempo Studio counts your reps, remembers what weight you regularly lift, and will give you class recommendations based on your level of training. 

The Tempo Studio comes in three different package variations: Tempo Starter, Tempo Plus, and Tempo Pro. The Tempo Starter, on sale for $2,245.50 with the discount code, is the most basic package. You’ll get the Tempo Studio with 3D sensing technology and AI personal training, a slim workout mat, a set of dumbbells, collars, and weights. 

The Tempo Plus ($2,920 with code) adds on a heart rate monitor, roller, barbell, folding bench and comes with 150 pounds of weights. For $3,595.50 with code, the Tempo Pro package gives you everything from the Tempo Plus, but adds an extra 80 pounds of weights, a folding bench, squat rack, and kettlebell system.

Complete Mom’s home gym setup with a high-tech Tempo Studio package — but don’t wait, the discount code TEMPOMOMS only lasts through May 9.

Complete your home gym with an AI-powered Tempo Studio system for $400 off

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