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Save up to $70 at Amazon

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Check out the top deals on treadmills at Amazon as of March 23:

Warm weather is coming, and after a full winter of staying inside and doing nothing but snacking and binge-watching Netflix, we’re all dreaming of getting outside and showing some skin. Get ready to look and feel your best for summer 2021 by investing in some home gym equipment, and ramping up your workout routine.

Need cardio but don’t want to spend a fortune on pricey machines? No worries, there are plenty of treadmill options that will let you get your sweat on without completely emptying your bank account. Amazon has some options currently on sale between $300 and $600, so you can score a treadmill at any price point. Whether you want something high-tech with Bluetooth connectivity, or just something simple that will get you up and moving a few times a day, there’s an option for you. Check out our top picks for on-sale treadmills as of March 23:

This NordicTrack treadmill has basically every feature you need, and it comes with a 30-day iFit membership, giving you access to hundreds of fitness classes, from running and biking, to yoga and stretching. When you connect your phone or tablet to the treadmill and open an iFit class, the instructor will automatically adjust your speed and incline for you — no fiddling with settings while you’re running. 

Find a treadmill on sale at any price point with these picks

BEST FOR SAVING SPACE: MaxKare Folding Treadmill — $329.99 with on-page coupon

If you live in a small apartment or have a few roommates, space might be at a premium. With this super-thin MaxKare folding treadmill, you can save a ton of room when you’re not using it by folding up the bottom. It has a basic display to track metrics like speed, time, calories, distance, and heart rate, with the handrails acting as a heart rate sensor. This treadmill can reach a max speed of 8.5 mph, features three levels of incline, and has a media holder for your phone or tablet. 

Find a treadmill on sale at any price point with these picks

If you don’t want to spend the money (or the energy) on too many high-tech features, this Sunny treadmill gives you all the basics: incline, heart rate monitoring, Bluetooth connectivity, and a basic LCD display for metrics. While it only has a max speed of eight miles per hour (fast runners might find that there aren’t enough speeds), it does feature 12 levels of incline, so you can easily simulate hiking and trail running. (And unlike most treadmills at this price point, the incline is automatic. So you won’t find yourself having to get off the treadmill to lift it up.)

Find a treadmill on sale at any price point with these picks

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