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Save 50% on a Kickstarter-funded, 5-device power bank

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Charge all of your devices at once.
Charge all of your devices at once.

Image: Intelliarmor

TL;DR: Charge all your tech simultaneously with the ScoutPro Ultimate All-in-One Charger, available for preorder as of May 6. Save 50% on your order and score one for only $99.

Between your iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods, and other Apple electronics, you probably have a lot of chargers. The ScoutPro Ultimate All-in-One Charger, which is available for preorder for 50% off, can help you clean up your desk.

Funded on Kickstarter with over $470K, this high-quality charger is a convenient, compact charging station that can power up lots of devices. In fact, it can handle five Apple products at a time.

The ScoutPro has an impressive 24,000mAh of battery capacity backup power, which means you’ll be able to charge on the go from wherever your day takes you. Whether you’re hitting the open road for a trip this summer or you simply need a place to plug in your MacBook at the coffee shop, this charger has you covered.

See it in action: 

If the features don’t push you to place your order, we bet the price tag will — the ScoutPro Ultimate All-in-One Charger is half off for a limited time. It typically sells for $199, but you can snag it for $99. It will ship in July.

Save 50% on a Kickstarter-funded, 5-device power bank

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