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Save $35 on the Kindle Kids Edition

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Save $35: Grab the Kindle Kids Edition e-reader on sale for $74.99 at Amazon.

Remember spending summers as a kid at the library trying to read as many books as you could to complete summer reading challenges? Maybe that was just me — in which case you have free rein to call me a nerd. Regardless, if you now have kids who like to read, you can keep them occupied this summer with a reading challenge or reading list.

You don’t have to run to the store or library for each book if you grab a Kindle Kids Edition for your kiddos. This thing holds more than a thousand books and as of March 23, it’s on sale for $74.99, a savings of $35.

The Kindle Kids is not a tablet. It has a backlit black and white screen to simulate book pages and is designed solely for reading and not games. The reader comes with one free year of Amazon Kids+ which provides them with tons of titles to read at no extra cost. The entire Harry Potter series is included. You can also purchase additional books from the Kindle store or check to see if your library has e-books you can check out.

If your kids enjoy audiobooks, they can connect Bluetooth headphones and listen to Audible on their Kindle. The device has a long battery life that lasts for weeks, so they won’t have to sacrifice reading time to charge their Kindle.

To give you a little peace of mind, the Kindle has parental controls and a two-year warranty. Check out the Kindle Kids Edition on Amazon and snag it while it’s on sale for $74.99.

Tackle your kid's summer reading list with the Kindle Kids Edition on sale

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