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Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 on sale — save over $400 at Amazon

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SAVE $424.05: The Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 is a great alternative for those who aren’t Apple OS fans, and as of May 8, it’s over $400 off at Amazon. 

Apple this, Apple that. Everybody either has a MacBook, iPad, iPhone, or maybe even all three. While we do love their stuff, not everyone is of the same mind. Some don’t like their OS, or the fact that all of their products are bogged down by proprietary accessories that stifle customization. Windows people, we’re talking about you, and we see you. 

Here’s a deal just for you — the Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 (a wonderful MacBook alternative) is currently over $400 off at Amazon. 

The clean and elegant Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 is up to two times faster than its predecessor and can last you most of the day with its 11.5-hour battery life (plus a one-hour quick charge feature that can get you back up to 80% battery). It also has a great look that rivals the design of most other high-end laptops. If you’ve been holding off on buying a MacBook because you have an aversion to Apple’s OS, the Surface Laptop 3 may be your answer.

Windows fans, rejoice — grab a Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 at Amazon and save $425.05.

Not an Apple fan? Try the Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 — it's over $400 off.

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