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Cash App Taxes is fast, free, and easy.

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Tax Day snuck up on you? You’re not alone if filing your taxes ranks somewhere between going through your backlog of unread emails and organizing your sock drawer on your list of life’s big priorities, but even with the April 18 deadline looming for most of us, there’s no reason to freak out just yet. You can get your taxes done in minutes — like while you are waiting for your food delivery — with Cash App Taxes.

In the time it takes you scroll and like a few posts, you can easily file your taxes from your phone and go right back to liking cute puppies with a major stress gone. Here’s how to get your taxes done fast, easy, and 100% free.

File for free

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Credit: Cash App Taxes

You’ve got more than a few options out there promising a free return (which aren’t actually free), and for this reason alone, Cash App Taxes may be the unicorn of tax season because it’s free (actually free for real), fast, and easy. Usually, when you test the waters on complimentary tax software, you’re very quickly directed to opportunities to upgrade or add on services. With Cash App Taxes, there are no extra charges or premium tiers even if you’re taking deductions. They also don’t sneak a fee from your refund to cover tax prep because again, it’s really free.

Keep it simple

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Credit: Cash App Taxes

Getting started with Cash App Taxes is easy. First things first, you’ll download Cash App and create an account. Using the tax platform on your phone or computer, you’ll answer a few questions about your situation, such as your occupation and investment income. The app lets you e-file a federal return and a state return (depending on where you live) or just a federal return. The only real catch is you can’t use it to file just a state return on its own. To make sure everything checks out, they have an Accurate Calculations Guarantee.

Accelerate that refund

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Credit: Cash App Taxes

If you have a pretty straightforward return, you can wrap it all up within minutes, but on the flip side, you also want to know how quickly you’ll see your money and be confident you’re getting the most dollars back. For peace of mind, Cash App Taxes has a Max Refund Guarantee to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. They also comply with all security and privacy standards set by the IRS. To settle up even quicker, your refund arrives up to five days faster if you deposit it into Cash App compared to many banks.

cartoon depiction of a hand slotting mail into a mail slot

Credit: Cash App Taxes

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