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Banish odors from your car with this cool gadget

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Get rid of lingering odors in your car.
Get rid of lingering odors in your car.

Image: Ventifresh

TL;DR: Keep your car smelling fresh with the VentiFresh Plus Germ and Odor Eliminator Car Pack, on sale for $60 — a 31% savings — as of March 22.

Lingering stenches can quickly turn your magical road trip into an insufferable experience. But this NASA-inspired odor eliminator can help.

The VentiFresh Plus was initially funded on Indiegogo with over $100K, which was over 388 percent of its original goal. Why? It’s much more than your average car air freshener or air purifier. In fact, it combines UV technology with a NASA-inspired photocatalyst layer to eliminate odors.

You can either keep it plugged into your car using the included USB cable or charge it up and go wireless. You’ll get a custom car vent clip and magnet mount with your purchase, so you can decide what kind of setup works best for you. And don’t worry: It’s super small, at just a little over two inches all around, so it won’t take up much valuable cargo space on your trip. 

When you’re not in the car, you can stick the VentiFresh Plus in your bathroom, fridge, closet, or near your cat’s litter box to eliminate smells indoors as well. All you have to do is charge it up and it’s ready to rock and roll at the press of a button.

Regularly, you’d pay $88 for this next-generation odor eliminating device, but it’s on sale for just over 30% off. That knocks the price down to just $60 for a limited time.

Banish odors from your car with this cool gadget

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