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This Mom Is on a Mission to End America’s Food Allergy Epidemic

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Millions of Americans are living with a food allergy. The founder and CEO of Lil Mixins shares what she’s doing to change that.

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When Meenal Lele started Lil Mixins, she had just started a new job and was a busy mom with a second on the way. She says during that time, “My son developed these host of food allergies and then we found out afterwards that they were likely preventable.”

That information inspired her to create Lil Mixins, an early allergen introduction solution. Lele was on the founding team of two medical-device companies in orthopedics and vascular , and holds a chemical engineering and business degree from the University of Pennsylvania. She says Lil Mixins enables her to combine her deep clinical and device experience with her goal to end food allergies, which affects millions of Americans like her son.

She sat down with Jessica Abo to share her company’s mission, and her advice for anyone trying to get a business off the ground.

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