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How This Entrepreneur Is Bringing Wine to the Masses With a Splash of Fun

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Joe Peleg was in the hospitality industry for more than 25 years and produced events all over the world before starting his own company. Today, he’s the CEO and founder of Fun Wine, a high flavor, low-alcohol and low-calorie line of drinks. Peleg sat down with Jessica Abo to discuss how he created a product for the masses and his company’s upcoming Regulation A+.

Jessica Abo: When did you come up with the idea to start a wine business?

Joe Peleg: All my career, it was in my mind. I saw that wine is super fancy, and I saw that we need to find a solution to that. When I arrived in Miami years ago, I realized that I need to have something new in this category, and I was infused by the colors and flavors. This was the first step that put me to do this project. 

What was the first step that you took to bring your idea to market?

The first step was to find the right product. There were no cans at that time worldwide that had the coating and the right product to fill wine in. I had the honor and the pleasure to develop this can with Rexam, which used to be one of the biggest companies worldwide. Then, we had to find the filler and the right product to do it.

What do you think makes your products different from what’s out there?

Fun Wine is a simple product and uncomplicated. We are bringing the fun to Miami, inspired by this beautiful area and city with a multicultural scene, we put in monk fruit. And instead of having 150 calories, we are having 59 calorie glasses of wine.

Joe, tell us why is the concept of fun so important to you and your team?

In any language you talk, everybody knows what is fun. We want fun to be authentic. I think that this is what everybody is looking for, different fun.

Let’s talk about the consumer for a second. How do you think Fun Wine is meeting the needs of the end consumer?

First of all is the packaging. I think that the packaging we have is completely, completely different. It’s bringing out fashion, lifestyle. I think Fun Wine is approachable. We build a brand that is for everyone. It’s not a snobbish wine. And we used to say all the time that with the premium ingredients we have in this product and the reasonable price, Fun Wine is more fun, is less alcohol. It has more flavor with less sugar and is all-natural with less guilt.

Tell us about your regulation A+ and how everyone can own a piece of the fun.

We’re getting ready for this, of course, right now, to be a public company, and to add the opportunity to do the regulation A+. At the end of the day, this is crowdfunding for the public so that everyone can have a piece of this company and can share our journey together. I think investing in our brand is something that a lot of people will be kind of excited to do and to share a lot of good things with us in the future.

What’s next for you?

The biggest thing is to launch the fun movement: to create a movement that will be helping people around the world to have a smile on their face, to have more fun. To help the community around us, around the world. The vision is to present a fantastic occasion while growing strong.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Just to wish all of us to enjoy the fun and to try to always be positive. To love each other and to have a glass of wine together, or a bottle of wine together. Cheers.

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