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Electric Bicycle Startup Tackles Climate Change in Colombia and Mexico With an Ambitious Agenda

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Pibox has rolled out a fleet of 100 electric bicycles in Colombia and Mexico, with the hope of reducing its operation’s carbon footprint.

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After becoming the fastest growing logistics company in Latin America during 2020, Pibox, Picap’s parcel and courier delivery division, continues to create innovative solutions and is going for more in 2021.

In an ambitious commitment to sustainability, the Colombian startup aims to reduce the carbon footprint of its operations by launching a growing fleet of ecological vehicles. “For this year, we set ourselves the goal of increasing, at least by 20%, the presence of ecological vehicles in our fleet,” said Daniel Rodríguez, CEO of Picap.

Pibox’s plan is not just a dream — the company has a gradual strategy that will be expanded in the course of this year. They chose electric bicycles to begin with. With a fleet of 100 units, which will reach 1,000 in 6 months, Pibox is starting a pilot in Colombia and Mexico City in Mexico. “We are currently developing tests in Bogotá and Mexico City before opening operations in the other countries of the region. For the second semester, we plan to double the number of vehicles in the initial countries,” said Rodriguez.

Pibox electric bicycles have a large load capacity, an advantage that differentiates them from those already on the market. Although 100 units are only a first step, different studies speak of the environmental benefits of the use of this type of vehicle, which has a minimum emission of CO2. “With the first units, we hope to reduce 60% of the environmental impact, which motivates us to continue growing and working to expand our fleet so that, in one year, we generate 6 times less pollution than a traditional vehicle,” added the CEO of the company. Logistics.

However, Pibox’s sustainable dream does not end there. In tandem with the start-up of bicycles, the company is in negotiations with urban and heavy-duty vehicles with the same ecological characteristics, which will gradually be added to the operation. It is known that this company is characterized by being flexible when it comes to having vehicles, which is why they will add new means of transport and services of the sustainable line as their clients become involved with their commitment to the environment.

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The incorporation of electric vehicles adds to the existing efforts to reduce pollution from its operations. Since the inception of the platform, route optimization and georeferencing have contributed to different delivery units traveling fewer kilometers and thus generating less waste. “We have always been at the forefront with our services, giving our clients cutting-edge technology and tools that are sustainable with the environment,” adds Rodríguez.

Corporate users of the platform will be the first to have access to this ecological service, since this service covers more kilometers in the city to complete its logistics. In addition, many of them share, with Pibox, the initiative of being responsible with the environment. “Several of our allies share with us this commitment to be participants in small actions that lead us to big changes. We believe that we can contribute to improving the health of the environment by thinking of a friendly business model that grows in a sustainable way, positively impacting the lives of our collaborators, clients and caring for the planet for future generations,” concludes the CEO of Picap.

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