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3 Things You Should Be Doing Daily to Set Yourself Up to Win

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All too often, when we wake up and we’re getting ready for our day, we automatically transition right into “go mode.” We begin thinking about the meetings we have to attend, the tasks that need to be completed, the phone calls that need to be made, and because of the busyness of life, we rarely think about the tremendous value that we get to add to those we serve on a daily basis. Sometimes, when you take a moment to pause and think about all the awesomeness that’s going on around you, it can really change your perspective on how your mind processes its thoughts.

If you want to set yourself up for daily success, consider nurturing these habits to help you get the win.

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Practice gratitude

Gratitude is such a powerful tool and a key component to setting up that daily win. With gratitude, people acknowledge the goodness in their lives. Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their physical and mental health, deal with adversity — it helps build stronger, more deeper relationships. Placing yourself in an immediate state of gratitude puts your heart and mind in the right place so you’re ready ready to win the day.

Think about your impact

Many times, we get so caught up thinking about “the business” that we forget about who we’re doing business for: the people. If we can increase our level of awareness towards the impact that we get to make in the lives of the people we are serving, it will shift our mindset from those we “have to” impact to those we “get to” impact. It changes our behavior and how we show up and do things for others. When we create an impact, we create a ripple effect that goes far beyond its initial aims.

Focus on the difference you make

If we’re honest, we place a majority of our focus on running our business as smoothly as possible. However, when we realize the difference that we get to make in the lives of others, we find a deeper level of meaning and purpose in our own lives. Giving back and learning how to make an difference in the lives of others provides meaningful interactions because we know we’re functioning at a level much larger than ourselves. It fulfills our essential human needs to feel significant ands contribute. The more you can realize the difference you’re making, the more you realize you’re doing your part in making the world a better place for everyone.

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Incorporating these three daily habits in our lives will ensure that we begin to see a season of consecutive wins. It’s extremely important that our businesses are generating an income, but if we can also make an impact and a difference in the lives of others, we will continue the winning streak that we all need to succeed.


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