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Neil Oliver: World leaders think the unvaccinated are next door to idiots, racists and misogynists.

When a group of leaders coordinate their speech to dismiss, and insult freedom, it's time to step back and ask why. https://youtu.be/GpqC1cb-RmU

Fasting is required to see the full benefit of calorie restriction in mice

Over the last few decades, scientists have discovered that long-term calorie restriction provides a wealth of benefits in animals: lower weight, better blood sugar...

Fat Burning “Switch” Discovered in Protein

Researchers have identified a protein that plays a key role in how the brain regulates appetite and metabolism. Loss of the protein, XRN1, from the forebrain, resulted in obese mice with an insatiable appetite, according to a new study.

Stair Lift Chairs: Aging in Place With Grace

Stair Lift Chairs How do stair lift chairs work?How much do they cost?How hard are stair lift chairs to install? These are important questions. Before you start...

How Far Will Mandatory Vaccinations Go?

The Biden administration announced new vaccine policies for government workers and companiesAll federal government workers and contractors will be required to get vaccinated. They...

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