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Artificial Intelligence

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AI models can now continually learn from new data on intelligent edge devices like smartphones and sensors — ScienceDaily

Microcontrollers, miniature computers that can run simple commands, are the basis for billions of connected devices, from internet-of-things (IoT) devices to sensors in...

The Vision Transformer Model

With the Transformer architecture revolutionizing the implementation of attention, and achieving very promising results in the natural language processing domain, it was only...

Fluidic circuits add analog options for controlling soft robots — ScienceDaily

In a study published online this week, robotics researchers, engineers and materials scientists from Rice University and Harvard University showed it is possible...

Mini robots learn to ‘swim’ on stretchy surfaces — ScienceDaily

When self-propelling objects interact with each other, interesting phenomena can occur. Birds align with each other when they flock together. People at a...

Soft robots can navigate hard-to-reach places like pipes or inside the human body — ScienceDaily

An interdisciplinary team of University of Minnesota Twin Cities scientists and engineers has developed a first-of-its-kind, plant-inspired extrusion process that enables synthetic material...

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