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Impacting the Conversation through Thought Leadership

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Impacting the Conversation through Thought Leadership | Heather Dondis | 396

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Competing on a higher level with thought leadership.

An interview with Heather Dondis about using thought leadership as an asset.

Traditionally the crux of marketing was in the budget, manpower, and advertising. When your organization isn’t able to compete in those arenas, what can you do to rise up and punch above your weight class?

To help us train and level up we’ve invited Heather Donids, the Director of Thought Leadership and Insight at Harbor Capital Advisors to join us. Harbor Capital Advisors is an investment company which helps clients achieve the financial security they deserve.

In addition, we explore how thought leadership sits outside of the traditional streams of marketing, and when done properly allows companies and individuals to compete on a higher level, but only if they have something to say and the conviction to see the idea into the world.

Once your organization has zeroed in on the message they want to share, you’ll need to get it to the audience you are targeting. Heather explains how she views thought leadership as an asset, comparing it to human capital. If you develop a content strategy and program you can create a strategic asset for your company that can be compounded using many voices and mediums to reach your audience where they are both in terms of what they are thinking about and where they are.

Three Key Takeaways:

  • Thought leadership needs to be in perfect alignment with your company’s business strategy and values.
  • If you have someone in your organization with something valuable to say, equip them with the tools they need to take that message to scale.
  • Proper curation of thought leadership will cut through the clutter and put the spotlight on what is important.

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