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Top 5 Most Expensive Coffee Beans And Brands

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One of the guilty pleasures for people today is enjoying a hot cup of coffee. Why? Well, there is more than one reason to love the beverage. From giving loads of energy to letting you enjoy an array of fantastic flavors, caffeine has diverse followers all around the world. Such is the popularity of the beverage today, that there are a lot of coffee chains around the world that rake in millions. But what makes the drink so special?

In this blog below we will discuss the 5 most expensive coffee beans and brands that are loved by everyone:

  1. Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee
    One of the first names to pop on our list is the “Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee”. What makes the coffee so special is its cultivation. The coffee beans are cultivated at a height of above 5000 feet on the Jamaican Blue Mountains and hence give the coffee its unique name. Once the beans are extracted, they are processed and then sent to other places. The coffee is very different from the others as it features a mild taste that lacks bitterness. One of the largest importers of this coffee brand is Japan, where the drink is quite famous among the locals.
  2. Finca El Injerto Coffee
    Another expensive brand of coffee that is enjoyed by people all over the world is Finca El Injerto Coffee. One of the huge demarcating aspects of coffee is that it is made of rare, rich, small beans. These beans are then washed thoroughly in a single channel of water which improves the grain quality. The growing rate of the coffee is priced at a whopping $500 per pound but that does not deter “Coffee Lovers” from purchasing the drink to savor it sip by sip. 
  3. Saint Helena Coffee
    If there is one coffee brand that has a historical connection then it is Saint Helena Coffee. It is the same coffee brand that had an ardent follower by the name of Napoleon Bonaparte. The coffee is cultivated on the island of Saint Helena and its fandom has grown exponentially. Located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean the island is around 1200 nautical miles away from the coast of Africa. One of the prime reasons for the coffee to enjoy a hefty price tag is the transportation cost. Also, the drink is blessed with a fragrant caramel flavor with a slight hint of citrus which makes the beverage even more famous among coffee aficionados. 
  4. Hawaiian Kona Coffee
    The Hawaiian Kona Coffee is yet another of the famous coffee brands in the world. Blessed with unique taste and a fantastic flavor, the coffee enjoys a high pedestal among its loyal fan base. Kona coffee is extracted from a rare variety of coffee beans used in the process which makes a huge difference in quality. In addition to that, the coffee remains in supply for a short time which even adds up to the pricing. All those who really want to enjoy an authentic Hawaiian coffee experience shall go for 100% Kona coffee and not for other brands that sell a cheap variety. 
  5. Hacienda La Esmeralda
    The coffee has bagged numerous awards in the various coffee contents for the past few years. Cultivated on the sides of Mount Baru in Panama in the shades of the Guava trees, the coffee has many takers from all over the world. The unique blend of chosen beans, rich flavor, and delicacy tags the coffee as one of the most expensive in the world. Another really distinctive feature of the brand is the price. The coffee is priced at $350.25 per pound and is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for everyone.

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