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Get Started in the Crypto Sector with the Free Waves School Course

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Cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, NFTs, Metaverse are all concepts that have been spreading across the internet like wildfire over the past few years, but how many people truly understand what all of this means? Out of 5 billion people worldwide that have access to the internet, only 3% hold cryptocurrencies, while 1% consider themselves knowledgeable in the field. With these statistics in mind, Waves, the “peoples blockchain”, is introducing their own free cryptocurrency academy – Waves School.

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About Waves

Having launched in 2016, Waves is a secure, accessible and transparent blockchain platform that pursues the goal of democratizing and decentralizing the world of open finance, personal identification, gaming, sensitive data and much more. The Waves community is integrated across a mix of DAO’s, next generation DeFi protocols, launchpads and flagship NFT markets. Considering the extremely low number of people that have a full understanding of all of the above terms, Waves School was born – to freely educate the world on all things crypto.

About Waves School

Waves School is a first of its kind. A free crypto training academy, available in over twenty different languages and accessible simply through internet access, Waves School aims to connect people worldwide through its free crypto training initiative. With mass misinformation floating around the web, Waves School is here to offer students a verified, structured and easy to understand course which will break down the barriers of crypto knowledge, allowing students across the globe to be financially free and independent.

About The Course

The Waves School course is for anyone and everyone, no matter their current knowledge in the crypto sphere. The most primitive and basic concepts around crypto and money will help to set the foundation of the course. Not only will students be immersed in a plethora of crypto information, but they will also be given the tools and taught the strategies to make responsible investments. The course content is reviewed by experts in the field, to ensure that misinformation on the internet does not steer people into the wrong direction.

Each module will test students on their knowledge, ensuring that they are confident in the skills that they have gained, students will have access to the official Discord channel.

Waves, together with their new initiative Waves School are truly bridging the gap of crypto education, allowing students worldwide to access free training material, which will give them financial independence and freedom. Will you be joining this revolution in crypto training?

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