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Frank Miller to Revisit Ronin and Sin City

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The comic book creator Frank Miller is looking to the past and the future with some of the projects of his new publishing company, Frank Miller Presents, which has comics debuting in November. Miller, the editor and chief and president of the new company, and Dan DiDio, its publisher, will discuss the comics during Megacon, which takes place Thursday through Sunday in Orlando, Fla.

Miller will revisit the world of Ronin, a samurai story set in a dark future, which was originally published from 1983-1984 by DC Comics. A sequel — penciled by Philip Tan and inked by Daniel Henriques from layouts by Miller — will explore the life of Casey McKenna, a security officer who pursued the nameless Ronin and had a child with him.

Miller is also returning to Sin City, his noir series that began at Dark Horse Comics in 1991. He will write and draw Sin City 1858, a look at the city’s foundation.

“I’m not really calling it an origin story because that just sounds like being bitten by a radioactive spider or having a planet blow up,” Miller said in a telephone interview.

Set in the Wild West, the story will feature familiar names that will resonate with fans of Sin City, whose last new story was published in 2000. In a departure for the black-and-white series, there will be a one-issue special, Sin City in Color, with the artist Milo Manara.

The news about Miller’s company was originally reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

Many of Miller’s comics have been influential, including stories about Daredevil and his lover Elektra. He also wrote and drew The Dark Knight Returns, which ushered in a new era for Batman. He said that his move toward becoming a publisher seemed natural. “You saw other people before me follow the same course — expanding a career and taking charge of a bit more of the job,” he said. “If you look at Will Eisner or Neal Adams, they both did the same.”

Two other original projects will round out the company’s initial offerings. One, Ancient Enemies, will introduce superheroes created and designed by Danilo Beyruth and DiDio, and others created by Miller. (DiDio will write the series, which centers on an old war between alien races.)

The other, Frank Miller’s Pandora, is a sci-fi fantasy story that will be written by Anthony Maranville and Chris Silvestri, who have written for “Star Trek: Discovery” and “Star Trek: Shorts,” and drawn by Emma Kubert, who “comes from the great, glorious Kubert family,” Miller said. “Three generations of brilliant cartoonists now.” The comic book legacy of her family began with Joe Kubert, and continued with Andy Kubert, Emma’s father, as well as her uncle Adam.

“The book will be full of a fairy tale-like beauty and a genuine spookiness,” Miller added.

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