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Nonfiction BookTube Accounts to Follow

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I think a lot of the time when we’re talking about BookTube, we’re thinking of the original BookTubers like Christine and Jessie and Katy.

We think of an emphasis on young adult dystopian and fantasy novels like Divergent or Hunger Games or Twilight. The content on there was pretty geared toward YA readers with only a few creators straying outside the box. Bookshelf tours, TBRs, and lots of raving reviews made up most of the platform at the time. That’s when my obsession with reading really took up in full force. I wanted — desperately and very out-of-reachly — wanted to be a BookTuber like them. Mostly, I thought it was cool how they were always getting packages from publishers and spent their days reading. Not sure I thought so much about the posting and editing videos aspect, in retrospect.

But since the early 2000s, the content on BookTube has expanded to encompass much larger audiences. There are, for instance, creators who exclusively read horror or weird fiction, and those who talk a lot about all of the different kinds of romance novels out there. And, for those of you who love to dig into a good nonfiction book, whether it be self-help or a memoir, there are creators out there making content just for you!

So, here are eight nonfiction BookTube accounts to follow!

Nicole’s Nonfiction

Nicole’s lists of nonfiction cover so many topics! Are you looking for books about death? You got it. How about science-heavy nonfiction? Also, yes! Be sure to check the channel out if you’re looking for a variety of recommendations.

Rick Kettner

Productivity, business, and entrepreneurship books are all over Rick Kettner’s page. There are many videos about the top 3 tips Rick takes from popular productivity and self-help books for those of you who simply don’t have to time to read every book out there!

Hopefully one of these, if not more, have joined the ranks of your YouTube subscribe list. If you’re looking for more nonfiction recommendations, try these 8 new nonfiction books to read this summer or these 8 fascinating nonfiction deep dives into the ordinary!

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