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Sunday, June 26, 2022

Voice Recognition Technology Is a Viable Option for Startups: Eric Dalius

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When Apple’s virtual assistant Siri came to the market for the first time, people were pretty excited. It was released in 2011 with iPhone 4S. One of the major features that you can try with that is that you get to speak to Siri to open up apps, search the internet for any information and even complete some tasks. 

Right now, from its inception, this idea of voice recognition technology has grown even since and it has become a huge part of your daily lifestyle now. Voice recognition technology has entered your cars, homes and businesses. As per the report, around 39 million Americans now own a smart speaker like Google Home or Amazon Echo. So, it is not that hard to state that voice recognition is more than just a commodity these days. It has become one commonplace.

To succeed in modern times, the startups do not have to come up with their own voice recognition device at all, as per Eric Dalius. They can enjoy multiple opportunities to develop applications, proprietary based algorithms and even similar functions within the current voice technology space in here. Nowadays, you can see multiple opportunities of voice recognition in areas like field service, agriculture, manufacturing, education and even to cover the healthcare segment.

After combining the power with AI, the startups have created voice based recognition technology for serving one specified niche in here.

The right implications in here to follow:

Nowadays, only a handful of people will have their own personal assistant, mainly those who are associated with high end positions. With proper introduction of the AI based digital assistants in office, everyone will now have one at their services.

Right from asking for a program based service to finding out one long lost report for the budget, from asking Google Assistant to create a graph to show the year’s end growth in click through rates, there have been multiple use cases for adding digital assistants in the workplace. They have been pretty far reaching as of now.

  • Voice can easily replace manually going through multiple computer files in the same way that electronic documents can replace paper records within a short span of time.
  • In place of typing out the company correspondence, everything will get dictated to the computer, for generating some of the flawless documents in return.
  • With the help of voice recognition, you can strengthen office security too. There is no need for you to swipe the cards before entering the office premises now.
  • Moreover, it is true that long data based entry processes will get redundant with Ai taking over it now.
  • Wherever you are planning to visit, the temperature and lighting control can perform in concert for optimizing your comfort, depending on predetermined personal indicators. It helps to increase the overall productivity level of your office.

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